Fernando Bortero at the Bowers Museum

   Will you be joining us at the Bowers Museum on Wednesday, Nov 11, for Mary Lou’s tour of the Fernando Botero exhibit? Do you want to meet at 11:45 for lunch in the  Tangata Restaurant in the museum (go to http://www.bowers.org/index.php/visit/dining for menu information)?

Please respond by clicking on the “Comments” link (up above where it says “No Comments” or “# Comments”) by Saturday, Nov 7.

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4 Responses to Fernando Bortero at the Bowers Museum

  1. Betsy Grajeda says:

    I will definitely be at Mary Lou’s fabulous tour of Fernando Botero. I would also love to join you for lunch, either at the Bowers or wherever. Tom, my husband, might join us. It should be fun–can’t wait!!
    See you then, Betsy
    P.S. I have no idea where I was when that picture was taken, but you all sure are cute!(:)

  2. anita austin says:

    I will be at the restaurant! Thanks for the blog and keeping us informed.

  3. jmfritzsc says:

    I’m in!

  4. carolyn farkas says:

    Sorry I can’t make it. I have a dr. appt that is easier to do on a day off. Have a great time

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